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Russia supplied Iran with advanced phone hacking tech-M20 SME Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Russia supplied Iran with advanced phone hacking tech — Israel TV report

By: Toi Staff

Link to the article that is referenced:

There are serious implications presented in the article for anybody who works in critical or sensitive industries, the financial world, government and contracting. The capability of ‘zero-click’ technology to access without any interaction by the user is, scary to say the least. As stated in the article, all the attacker needs to know is the targeted victim’s phone number; which isn’t exactly all the attacker needs to know, as revealed in the article. The attacker still has to know what type of phone the targeted victim is using and knows the vulnerabilities of that type of phone. So what steps can you take to protect yourself?

  1. Never associate your phone number with any social media accounts.

  2. If feasible, have two phones; one for personal use and one for business.

  3. Some apps provided vulnerabilities to your phone once you have installed them. Keep the social media apps to a minimum and disable notifications.

  4. Look at your virtual profile/footprint. In order for an attacker to target you, there has to be a reason for you to be targeted. What have you put out there that may make you appear to be a good target? Minimize the information.

  5. Engage all of the security features available on your phone.

  6. Remember, your phone isn’t simply a phone. It is a hand-held computer used for communication – everything from calls to text to email. Have a good anti-virus program designed for mobile devices installed.

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