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Case Studies

Advanced Intelligence Analysis

We were requested to research, analyze and develop an intelligence product that would identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for a way ahead in dealing with sensitive issues. The subject was a nation-state competitor that was viewed as next to impossible to find a way ahead against. After applying advanced analysis across a multi-layered view of the issue, our Subject Matter Experts (SME) were able to identify potential vulnerabilities within several domains that could be utilized to influence the competitor; which has resulted in a successful effort to date for the U.S. government in addressing this issue.


OSINT/Deep/Dark Web Investigations

M20 Associates was approached to investigate threatening email and social media messages our client had been receiving. This situation was connected to a very high-profile case. Our research and analyst team conducted an investigation utilizing open source research techniques, searching the Deep and Dark Web to identify connecting information related to the threats. Utilizing analytical techniques such as nodal and human factor analysis to analyze the data points and guide the research, we were able to determine the identity of the individual, provided an assessment of the degree of the potential threat and made recommendations for security measures that could be taken to mitigate any future events.


Security/Threat Assessment

M20 was retained by a large non-profit organization who was looking to travel to a West African country for business within a very short period. The destination’s threat environment included Violent Extremist Organizations, normal crime, and “kidnap for ransom” operations. The organization knew little to nothing about the security environment or personal security within hostile environments. Our analysts conducted open source research and utilized our operators within the region to gain detailed, current “boots on the ground” intelligence down to route reconnaissance level information. We were able to provide an in-depth security and threat assessment, operational information such as which flight they should take to arrive in country at a specific time that would allow for travel to the work destination to be completed in a single day of daylight hours, safe-haven stops if an overnight stop was required, recommendations on communication devices, and arranging personal security between the airport and final destination as well as the duration of their trip. In this case, based on the information provided and our recommendations, the organization postponed their trip until they could work with us to become better prepared to venture into a hostile environment. 


*Specific names and certain identifiable information has been changed or omitted to respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients.  Please contact us regarding your specific needs and we will be happy to provide you with information relating to your request

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