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Information Operations Services

M20 Associates Subject Matter Experts (SME) have over a decade of experience within the intelligence support to Information Operations arena. This experience has primarily been in direct support of Special Mission Units’ IO efforts as well as providing intelligence support to strategic national-level IO efforts.

M20 Associates SMEs have been the intelligence lead and part of the architectural teams developing the plans for operations within the information environment for current, strategic-level, compartmented efforts.

M20 Associates SMEs are experienced in supporting SAP and STO programs.

M20 Associates SMEs developed the IO Targeting Methodology used directly supporting the SMUs’ IO efforts.

Subsequently, our SMEs also developed and teach the course for an intelligence analyst to learn this IO Targeting Methodology. This course has been taught to analysts supporting IO missions from the Special Operations Forces world, as well as law enforcement and cyber.

M20 Associates SMEs have been intricately involved in training IO Planners who have deployed to perform the IO functions for SMUs.

M20 Associates SMEs have in the past been certified Adjunct Faculty Instructors for the National Security Agency.

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