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About Us

M20 Associates provides information technology, cyber security, and intelligence support services to organizations operating in challenging environments. We help the DoD analyze and protect critical and vulnerable information in support of each agency’s unique mission. Globally in the private sector, we help businesses uncover weaknesses, unlock opportunities, manage existential threats, as well as undertake a proactive approach to assist in implementing preventative measures through business intelligence, risk management, investigative and strategic consulting.

Why Us?

M20 has a proven track record within the public and private sectors in providing reliable, dynamic solutions in some of the most challenging environments. Our time-tested process, methodologies and resources enables us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


Our Experience

With over a century of combined experience in cyber security, intelligence and operational security, allows us to provide our clients with relevant, accurate, and timely insight allowing them to make the critical decisions when it matters most.

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