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Russia accused of massive GPS spoofing campaign - M20 SME Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Russia accused of massive GPS spoofing campaign

By: John E Dunn

Link to the article that is referenced:

The article discusses a nation state’s activities regarding GPS spoofing. We have included reference articles to help you understand what GPS spoofing is.

The first question a person would probably ask themselves is, “Why would somebody target me with a GPS spoofing attack?” For most people, this would not be a large concern; however, for some high-profile people within certain industries and corporations, it is something to be aware of.

If somebody wants to target you with a GPS spoofing attack, they would normally have to do some extensive research on you to gather the right kind of information to successfully target you, but if you travel, drive yourself to destinations using apps such as Google Maps, or depend on vehicle navigation systems, you could be vulnerable. To mitigate your risk, the following could help you from being the victim of a GPS spoofing attack.

Do a little homework before setting out. Most travel/GPS apps will use the same routes, i.e. the fastest route between places. Use Google Maps or a similar application to map out the route. Print it out. Then use the street view function to look at major turns along the route and pick out specific landmarks to look for and make note of them on the print out. Memorize these as best as possible.

This way, as you are traveling and listening to the GPS tell you to “turn right at the next intersection,” you can check your landmarks and turn from the pre-planned route. If things are not matching up, ditch the GPS and use the old-fashioned method of following the printed-out directions.

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