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The US Intelligence Community Is Being Disrupted

The US Intelligence Community Is Being Disrupted

By: Zachery Tyson Brown

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The intelligence business has not adapted to the current environment to utilize tools (not necessarily in the DoD). After 9/11 it was publicly acknowledged that many agencies did not share information that could "connect the dots". There were sub-organizations that had the mantra "build it and they will come"good for a movie quote, but not for producing solid intelligence. There are open-source options that will (and do) provide an 80% solution. Any commander should be able to to the "2 shops" and ask what is going on and what is your analysis and who will affect their organization.

The article provides a very good example regarding Kodak---this has been evident with Blockbuster, Sears, etc. These organizations were largely disrupted by Netflix, Amazon, because they failed to adapt or foresee potential disruption and adequately plan...."we have always done it this way, we have been successful, we have been around for XX number of years. How this will play out is organizations will rely on commercial entities (decrease in budgets). There is value added in long term analytical products, but real-time information (24-hour news cycle, social media). The Nation's leader depends on an unvarnished assessment, that is not blocked by layers of classification (implemented by Snowden and Mannings failings) in a rapid fashion. The IC as a whole has multiple organizations duplicating effort, but not meeting the requirements of our nation. The change will be painful, but it is needed and our nation depends on it.

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