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Cyber Warfare In The Grey Zone: Wake Up, Washington- M20 SME Article Review

Cyber Warfare In The Grey Zone: Wake Up, Washington

By: Sydney J. Freedberg Jr.

The Cold War, a fierce competition between the Soviet Union and United States superpowers, was marked by a binary balance of power in a largely non-digital analog world. The current nature of conflict between the two superpowers goes by several names--Grey War, Hybrid War, and New Cold War--and is multi-polar across multiple domains, necessitating a paradigm shift in thinking. Many influential nations, whether politically, strategically, or economically, are using multiple non-standard methods, to include cyberspace operations and influence campaigns, to achieve their objectives. Lacking historical precedent, there are traditional and upcoming powers that will willingly operate outside the norms of the Law of Armed Conflict to obtain an advantage, test others' resolve, or make a statement. Their plans and actions, openly publicized, state they will use "cyber" as a method to obtain their goals. The means may be different from past conflicts, but the ends are the same: nations pursuing their self-interests.

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