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Chinese Drone Manufacturers Pose Huawei-Like Threats, Expert Says

Chinese Drone Manufacturers Pose Huawei-Like Threats, Expert Says

By: Jack Corrigan

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Drone Security the last puzzle piece.

The utilization of Chinese manufactured drones is currently providing bits of information that over time will complete the gaps in their puzzle. This puzzle is comprised of different pieces of information that have been filled in by past security gaps and breaches throughout the United States. A major effort needs to be focused to combat the threats posed by Chinese drone manufacturers. These seemingly innocuous objects are placing a risk to many entities including security and infrastructure. China will utilize data analytics and Artificial Intelligence to parse the large amount of data ultimately that has been gained and will use it to their advantage. The United State is currently at a disadvantage with the lack of indigenous drone manufacturing, which can be solved with a deliberate effort. This disadvantage has arisen with rare-earth minerals and telecommunications to name a few. This occurred for short-term gains, but long-term losses. The need and know how to overcome this challenge is there, but the spark to make it happen needs to occur before the enemy’s puzzle is complete.

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