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M20 Commerical Services Descriptions

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Business Intelligence
Investigative Support Intelligence
Due Diligence
Open Source Analysis/OSINT

M20’s highly trained and experienced specialists provide intelligence assessments and information gathering services with in-depth analysis using advanced technology and the tactics, techniques, and procedures utilized by the Department of Defense and intelligence community. Our experts leverage open source and proprietary databases to assist our clients in identifying and minimizing risks that may impact operations. Whether for due diligence, fraud, mergers and acquisitions, arbitrations, asset location, deep or dark web investigations and analysis—we work closely with our clients to fully assess and understand their challenges to deliver the right solutions and meet their specific needs.

Anti-Terrorism Analysis
Counter Industrial Espionage

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M20 protects fellow members of the armed forces, government agents, and corporate clients from criminal and espionage threats, as well as terrorist attacks.  M20 uses domestic and international resources, global communication monitoring systems, as well as deep web research and analysis techniques to discover and monitor activity that may threaten a client’s physical or economic security.

Intelligence Training

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Every organization needs to understand the world in which they operate in to effectively plan their strategic priorities and develop applicable tactical positioning.  Real security is knowledge, experience and ability. M20 integrates over a century of intelligence experience to cultivate highly trained teams to conduct effective intelligence operations. 

Risk Assessment

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Every action taken by an entity involves some level of risk. Often times internal assessments are deemed sufficient. However, when lives are at stake, mistakes can result in criminal action, or miscalculations can jeopardize critical assets, clients need external assistance to investigate and thoroughly analyze the impact of the risks.  Our team applies a broad range of physical, forensic, legal, geopolitical, and OSINT investigative techniques to provide a robust and comprehensive assessment to assist clients decision-making processes in managing risks that threaten their business operations and ultimate success.

Cyber Security

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IT departments typically operate close to the edge of resource capabilities. When cybercriminals attack, the lack of internal expertise and resources can immediately and negatively impact operations and prevent a company’s ability to recover quickly and with minimal loss. M20 assists its clients in identifying the threat actors and remediating malicious events so companies can quickly recover and restore business systems and operations.  Our teams help reduce or eliminate the impact of an event, as well as the impact to brand, reputation, and loss of revenue. Additionally, our teams assist with regulatory and/or compliance issues resulting from an event and work closely with clients to implement protective measures against future events.

Computer Forensics

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Businesses no longer operate without the use of computers and network systems.  When something goes wrong--cyber events, insider threats, harassment, trade secrets, etc.--those systems may hold traces of evidence critical in any investigation and remediation effort.  M20’s subject matter experts collect and analyze data from servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices to identify and gather the relevant evidence needed for any legal or regulatory action.

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M20 Associates provides global intel and cyber security services as well as business intelligence, strategic risk consulting and global investigation services for the public and private sector. 


M20 Associates provides services to the following NAICS Codes: 518210, 519190, 541330, 541512, 541519, 541611, 541690, 541713, 541990 and 561611.


Contact Information

1100 NW Loop 410

Suite 700
San Antonio, TX 78213

Main Office-Texas:      (210) 366-8833 
Maryland Office:         (443) 283-0606


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