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Voter Information- SME Review and Thoughts

Iran Using Voter Data to Spoof Floridians, Warn US Intelligence Leaders

By: Patrick Tucker

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Last week the FBI stated that Iran and Russia stole voter information. This information was utilized to "spoof emails designed to intimidate” voters. The efforts toward election security have significantly increased over the past five years, however, more still needs to be done. Additionally, in light of the increasing data privacy scrutiny, the question still remains why is voter information (date of birth, party affiliation, and address) publicly available. The information does not serve the greater good. A review of why this information needs to be publicly available needs to happen.

Florida man accused of changing Florida Governor's voter registration

By: Jack Morse

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The past two weeks have provided multiple examples of the voter information not only being breached but misused. Currently, voters do not have the option of locking their data. The data is on par with PII or HIPA data. There is no reason for this data to be publicly available. The risk to privacy especially in the age of cyber-attacks and exploitation is too high.

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