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The Stunningly Successful Propaganda of “Chinawood”

Updated: May 17, 2020

The Stunningly Successful Propaganda of “Chinawood”

By: Bob Pearson and Franak Viacorka

Link to the article referenced:

Excellent article that is spot on with China's use of "soft power" to push forward with gaining influence and large controlling shares of the information environment. Another example of infrastructure that was not mentioned in the article is the push by Huwei in building out 5G cell infrastructure, even in the countries of our allies. A recent article reported that the U.S. may not station our most advanced fighter aircraft in the UK because of this. So, not only are they gaining the ground and a controlling position within the information environment for influence, they are countering our power and ability to project power by simply building up the 5G cellphone tower infrastructure and capabilities.

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