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Why on-the-job training is becoming the new college degree - Article Review From Our SME

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Why on-the-job training is becoming the new college degree

By  Mark C. Perna

Link to the article that is referenced:

The article is spot on in many regards. Across several industries that require specialized skills, organizations are looking more for people with experience than simply a degree or certification. Within the intelligence field, experience plays a large part in determining qualifications. The challenge for today’s young people is getting that practical experience. For many industries, on-the-job training (OJT) is not a viable option. A person with solely a two-year degree, but with years of experience within a given field is more attractive than a recently graduated person with a bachelor’s degree. To solve this problem for younger people, internship programs could be used to help them gain experience while pursuing their education; many government agencies have such programs. Industry also needs to develop mentor- and internship programs and should start by looking at high school students. An employer can help high school juniors, for instance, get needed requirements, such as a limited clearance, that can serve toward actively learning the job by participating in it. The selectees could do a summer internship between their junior and senior years. After graduating, the student will continue their summer internship training as they go through college, which would accomplish several goals. A student would have employment over the summer gaining experience, and in addition, money for college. After graduating college, they would be better positioned to enter the workforce. Upon graduation, the mentoring company could hire the graduate or help them find a job within the industry if no in-house positions are available. Start today to grow, mentor, and nurture the workforce of tomorrow to meet tomorrow’s needs.

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